Embrace the magic of meaningful daily practices that ground and connect you to your intuition and body wisdom

If you’re feeling stressed, busy and like there’s something you’re missing then you’re in the right place.

Would you like to feel peace, joy and connection instead?

How are you?

Before you answer with your regular friendly reply, take a moment to realise I’m asking from my heart.

Take a deep breath… notice it landing in your body.

Now, really, how are you?

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12 week 1:1 programme - The Power of You

Would you like to feel radiant, peaceful and in control of your life?

So you can stop feeling frustrated and overwhelmed? Do you feel that, despite what appears to be your successful life, there is something lacking? Do you feel anxious, worried and dissatisfied?

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2 week group programme - Prioritise You

Do you take care of everyone else and then find you’re too depleted to look after your own needs and wants?

Would you like to start prioritising yourself, and gifting yourself with some deeply nourishing self-care practices?

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45 minute Energy Embodiment session

Let me guide you in this dynamic practice which will help you to identify and reset stuck energy, or embrace and enhance beneficial energy.  We’ll spend about 10-15 minutes introducing this powerful and effective modality and discussing anything you want to bring to the session. The main part of the session I will guide you through the process.  Then we’ll end reviewing your experience and ensuring you continue to benefit from it.

Julie’s work is wonderfully proactive, practical and fun. I thought I would sit there, passive. When in fact, there was work to be done – by me too, to generate a conscious connection and express the physical and energetic feelings that came up in my own words. Wow. A truly empowering session that I can take forward into my life by myself now. Surprised and delighted by how compact the session felt. Great when you’re time-pressed. I feel equipped now to try and repeat how an ache disappeared in just 15 minutes!

Narjas Windo

Logo Designer, www.narjasdesigns.com

I came to Julie curious about how Energy Embodiment could work, but needing to replenish myself in some way. I have a loved one who is ill and as a carer find that there are many unexpected thoughts and emotions that come with the role and sometimes take over.  Julie and I met online and straight away I felt safe and supported. Julie talked me through what we would do, and what might happen. Sometimes I’m nervous when I try new things, but her positive energy and warmth just relaxed me. I was intrigued by the Energy Shower and what that might do for me.

She asked me to relax in my chair, feet on the ground, take deep breaths and feel where the sensation is, before working on it to release it. It was amazing how well it worked. My physical and mental tension was released, and the energy shower was absolutely wonderful. I was left tingling and refreshed as if I had just walked through a waterfall!

After the session I had a sense of calm and inner strength I’d not been aware of. Julie gave me some exercises to do for aftercare, which has helped centre me particularly during potentially stressful times.

I thoroughly recommend trying a session with Julie. You will benefit physically, mentally and spiritually. Thank you so much Julie!

Julie Holden

Author and Mental Health Advocate, www.thedarkpen.com