Would you like to feel radiant, peaceful and divinely connected to your feminine wisdom?

Join the circle and discover the power of you through sisterhood

The Power of You

Would you believe me if I told you  –  It’s All About You!

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IT IS IDEAL FOR YOU IF YOU WOULD LIKE to feel present, connected, radiant, joyful and fulfilled. If you would like to have presence with yourself, your partner, children, colleagues, friends… everyone! And if you want to adopt meaningful regular practices that ground and connect you to your intuition, body wisdom and inner power.

This programme is for you 

If you struggle with knowing what you really need - by connecting to your intuition, you will be more in touch with your needs and desires.

If you find yourself saying yes and wishing you’d said no - you will make friends with your inner power and find the courage and confidence to relay your thoughts and feelings in a healthy way.

If you are way too familiar with guilt about what you do or don’t do in your relationships - you will become more at ease with your own needs and so be able to assert yourself and state those needs gently and lovingly

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How will we work together?

3 month programme of mentoring

Be deeply heard

Establish practices to meet yourself deeply on a daily basis

90 minute sessions weekly


Practices to support you in your journey

Ongoing support

Healing tools you will learn and be able to use on yourself and with friends and family

One healing call separate from the sessions

Weekly distant healing

Weekly dance playlists for healing therapeutic dance

Weekly homeplay tasks including dance, meditation, journaling, energy work and rituals

A private facebook group

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Special Bonuses that come with this programme

separate audio recordings of the meditations so they can easily be used on a daily basis

recordings of the sessions

text support between sessions

What clients say about this programme

This was a journey of unlocking so many doors that felt closed to me.  A pivotal shift in my life occurred in the programme, creating more sacred space in my life and bringing to the surface and releasing that which was holding me back, which I was finally ready to do.  Julie holds great wisdom and provides such kindness and encouragement which allows others to show up as they truly are.

A few weeks after the group has finished, I feel as though something has cleared, and I am now committing to giving myself the nurture and encouragement that is needed to live my life as I have always wanted to.  Thank you Julie and the others who were on this journey with me!