About Julie

How illness led me to an empowering path

Woodland, light coming in from above left, the edge of a pool of water reflecting some of the trees

More than 20 years ago, after leaving a toxic relationship and being bullied at work, I found myself getting more and more sick.  Desperate for recovery, I declared I was willing to try anything.  I dived into a strange new world of meditation, talking therapy and “alternative” therapies and started to put my needs first.

Having just left a toxic relationship, I found myself single and sick

After almost a year off sick, I returned to work, nervous about how my body would cope.  But hopeful that prioritising myself would pay off.

Being ill had made me think about my biological clock, my desires and dreams.  And so, my new husband and I decided it was time to start a family.

Pond in woodland, branch of tree reaching out across the water

My body had been screaming at me but I had  ignored those cries for attention

Setting up an altar

What stayed with me once I recovered, was many of the practices that began in a desperate attempt to find healing when doctors and consultants gave me no hope.  I am so grateful to have had that wake up call! My body had been screaming that something was wrong for 9 1/2 years. I had not been listening.

My baby taught me how to be a mother

By the time my first daughter was born, things had changed.  I was well. Over a year had passed and there was no relapse! I was incorporating some new and supportive practices in my life. And now, I found myself listening to my baby and she was teaching me how she wanted to be mothered!

Woman supporting baby to stand

Putting myself first resulted in me launching a Red Tent

Standing on petals in heart shape

As my children grew, I wondered how I’d prepare them for our fast changing world.  I believe that when raising children they learn from what we do rather than from what we say, so I came straight back to looking after my own needs first, and as a result, I launched a Red Tent, a women’s circle for honouring our cyclic nature.

I was drawn to sharing what I was learning with other women

And here, I found work that I loved, that energised me, that filled me with joy.  

So, I began to wonder how I could share what I’d learned about caring for myself with other women.

Red Tent Altar candles & crystals

Embracing my power and living life in full colour

Woman dancing in the woods

I began to train in healing arts and feminine practices. In the process I realised how powerful we are, and how life can be in colour rather than monochrome when we live in the moment, prioritise our own needs and connect deeply with ourselves…

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