Energy Embodiment Session

Refresh and reset your energy in this fast, dynamic and empowering process

“I was left tingling and refreshed as if I had just walked through a waterfall!”

Julie Holden

Iris and reflection in pool
It’s easy to get overwhelmed with everything going on
Perhaps you feel tension or minor aches and pains for no apparent reason?
Sometimes there are situations we dread and wish we didn’t have to deal with
There are things we keep in the background, afraid to dig deeper to find out what’s really going on
Maybe you’re exhausted with the demands of work, family life relationship

These are all things we can work on in an Energy Embodiment Session

Woman in woods, dancing

20 years ago I became so ill I couldn’t work for a whole year. During that time, I began tentatively looking beyond the mainstream for answers my doctors couldn’t give me.

As I entered this new world of aromatherapy, acupuncture and herbs, I began to slowly recover.

One day, I remember picking up a book and thinking desperately – Anything is worth a try, I’ll give it a go. It was a book of meditations.

What I discovered ultimately, was that I wasn’t functioning physically because I had been completely ignoring a very important aspect of myself – the part that made me… well, Me.

Over the course of several years I cultivated a meditation practice, learned several energy healing tools and the importance of giving myself time and space for things that light me up, feed me and energise me.

I’d love to share what I’ve learned with you and support you in empowering yourself through daily practices that nourish your soul and healing tools that keep you sparkling!

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