What’s holding you back from trusting and connecting to your intuition and body wisdom?

Here’s how I can help you trust and connect with your intuition and body wisdom

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Connect with your intuition...

Learn to trust yourself, tune into your inner navigator and feel the release as you let go of doubts and embrace your own body’s wisdom! Adopt daily habits and tools to support your growth, and notice as the effects ripple out into your world…

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The Power of You

It’s time to dig down and find those hidden treasures inside you.  Time to pay attention to that niggling feeling that there’s something more, something calling you. And it’s not a call from the outside – it’s a call from deep within. A call that’s saying yes right now as you feel a deep breath of recognition…

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The power of community...

Connect with other women on this journey into self.  Find support, love and trust in our circle of sisters. Witness other women’s stories, feel the power of being heard.  Experience the strong bonds that form when you are held in a safe space where you can fully be yourself.

Explore your deep inner longings and desires to find  peace, joy and connection

Wouldn’t it be amazing to live in a world where people are connected authentically? Remember the first lockdown? We created all kinds of ways to remain connected. Some of us found new ways to connect with each other and with nature. There was a sense that we’re all in this together, but we’re not all experiencing it in the same way. So we helped each other out, sang together, volunteered, clapped for the NHS, learned new skills and hobbies – often with others, tried everything imaginable on Zoom, delivered food, some even cooked food for all their neighbours!

That sense of togetherness was a treasured gift of the pandemic, and is a gift I would like to nurture in myself and others.  It’s all too easy to get bogged down in our busy-ness and become overwhelmed when all we really want is to live life to the full and feel the joy of connecting with others.

What clients say

Julie holds great wisdom and provides such kindness and encouragement which allows others to show up as they truly are.  I am now committing to giving myself the nurture and encouragement that is needed to live my life as I have always wanted to.


I really enjoyed Julie’s presence. She created a safe and comfortable space for me to open, it was lovely.